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Aerated concrete technological process

    Aerated concrete products developed abroad has been nearly a hundred years of history, has become a pillar industry of the construction industry, the introduction of the technology in China also nearly four decades of history, mature production technology and equipment and equipment. Aerated concrete has a light density, high-performance insulation, sound-absorbing effect is good, there is a certain strength and processability, etc., and the production of abundant raw materials, particularly the use of fly ash as raw material that can be comprehensive utilization of industrial waste residue, environmental pollution in , destruction of arable land, but also to create a good social and economic benefits, is an alternative to the traditional solid clay brick processing phase wall materials over the years by the national brick policy, tax policy and environmental policy support, aerated concrete products has become an important part of new building materials, and has broad market prospects.

    Aerated concrete can take a different process to produce the raw materials category, quality, major equipment process characteristics. However, under normal circumstances, fly ash or silica sand and water into a slurry, adding the powdered lime, the amount of cement, gypsum and a foaming agent, injected into the mold box by stirring, static stopped foaming and curing, cut into various Specifications block or plate, steam curing car fed into the autoclave, to form porous lightweight aerated concrete products in the high-temperature saturated steam curing.


Aerated concrete process

Aerated Concrete Steam-Curing Production (1) Various raw material storage tanks -> (2) Mix dosing -> (3) add water to raw material and mix them -> (4) prepare the mould -> (5) pour -> (6) foam and wait -> (7) release from mould -> (8) turn up, cut horizontally and vertically -> (9) make into groups and get into autoclave -> (10) cure under high temperature and pressure -> (11) release the finished products from the autoclave -> (12) test the finished products -> (13) pack -> (14) stack and store up -> (15) leave the factory.

Pouring mixer ingredients flowchart

Aggregate Batching
flow chart

and ingredients flowchart

10 million cubic meters of fly ash aerated concrete block production process flow diagram

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